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About Bondgate

At Bondgate, we bring our clients over two decades of experience.

Our services include executive coaching, career coaching, team coaching, leadership development, management training workshops, and HR consultant services. Developing you and your people to be their best, and helping individuals improve the trajectory of their life and career are our core focuses. Connect with us for powerful and personalized solutions that support teams and individuals.


The Bondgate mission is to develop, improve, and unleash the potential of people through coaching, leadership and management development, and HR consultancy. By nurturing our clients in the behaviours and capabilities they currently have and fostering passion in those they have yet to cultivate, we work towards our mission strategically and with purpose.

Our Guiding Principles


We value generosity and the act of doing good things out of a place of true kindness. This guides the way we approach our clients, coaching, and HR services.


We always do the “right” thing even when it isn’t popular. Our commitment to take the road less travelled serves our clients and their business, well.


To us, authenticity is being true to oneself and to others while ensuring your actions are congruent with your beliefs, we take that approach with each client we serve.

Experienced & Innovative

We offer over 20 years of experience in HR & Leadership Coaching. We’re dedicated to using innovative strategies that are proven to work.

About Rod Pearson

Rod Pearson is the Director and founder of Bondgate. Rod has spent close to 20 years working in HR and business leadership roles with ever-increasing responsibility in global and multi-national organizations.


He has studied accredited coaching programmes with the Institute of Leadership and Management and the International Coaching Federation.


Rod also has over 15 years of experience coaching in corporate businesses and with private clients from a variety of backgrounds including small business owners, HR Directors, General Practitioners, NHS Managers, and CEOs.

Rod’s passion for people started in the early part of his career when he recognized that with the right organizational environment and culture, supportive leadership, and personal investment in one’s own development, the opportunities to grow and develop are limitless.

Rod has spent the past 20 years helping businesses navigate growth, restructuring, merging and acquisitions and everything else in between. He has also spent significant time travelling and working throughout the US, Europe, India, China, and Australia.

I love what I do because I can see first-hand the improvement, development, change and growth in the people and organisations I work with and I’m grateful that the case studies, referrals, and testimonials I receive back that up. Rod Pearson

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Qualifications & Skillsets

From working with first-time leaders to C-Suite executives, Rod’s expansive experience and skillsets make the perfect recipe for moving any company towards greater success. His qualifications and skillsets include the following:

ACC (ICF) Coach

ILM Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor

NLP Coach

Master NLP Master Practitioner

MSc. Human Resource Management

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Post Grad. Cert Employment Law

Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (FCIPD)

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