Please find a small samples of testimonials from previous clients.

Executive and Leadership Coaching Clients

I have personally been coached and mentored by Rod and can attest to his challenging and supportive coaching style and to the results I achieved through this process which were career changing for me.


He is an outstanding coach / mentor who has the ability to assist people from professional staff to senior executives develop in or beyond their current role



Rod is one of the rare individuals I have come across who has excellent listening skills. His ability to listen to people with the intent to listen makes him a great Coach & Mentor. Rod has great ability to recognise people’s strengths and provide them with direction that add value to their work & career.


Rod gave me some excellent coaching when I was having difficulty transitioning bosses. I was struggling to find the right approach with my new boss and also had misgivings about their direction. Rod helped through this by listening and coaching and got me to understand what my real issues were and how to deal with them. This developed into an action plan for me to convey my feelings to my new boss in a positive manner and it was very successful. I would highly recommend Rod as a coach to any senior manager.


As a coach, I found Rod had a calming influence and an exceptional ability to be supportive and non-judgmental whilst also stimulating my mind to alternative thoughts and solutions. I absolutely believe this is Rod’s forte and have already recommended him as a coach to other professionals.

I found Rod to be an excellent coach and a very useful resource in getting me to the next stage of my career. Rod is very encouraging and supportive and delivered real results.

James B

At the start of taking on a new senior position, I was apprehensive of the higher responsibility and intersecting with my new peers. Rod was recommended as a coach to help me through this transition. Rod helped me to re-build my confidence. I felt that he helped me to find my own way, rather than being given all the answers.  


Matt L