Invest in Leadership Development

Whenever I work with organisations to improve and develop leadership capability, I always make it clear that it requires a long-term investment and cannot rely on just one-off interventions.

Critically, there are 5-key points I discuss with the sponsor of any leadership development process to ensure the expected outcomes are agreed and achieved and to ensure value is delivered.

1. Commitment from the sponsor and executive leadership team must be in place and visibly observed throughout the course of any development work. This is crucial to show advocacy for the process, support to participants and to hold people accountable for fully engaging in any development processes.

2. Leadership development must be delivered in a holistic and comprehensive way. In simple terms, this means that whilst there may well be individual workshops to support specific development activity, collectively and over time they must weave together to ensure a layered learning and synergy where the separate elements combine to positively impact the organisational outcomes. The benefits typically observed are better hiring decisions, improved performance of team members, higher levels of employee motivation and engagement and stronger examples of internal talent development, mobility and succession

3. Any leadership development activity must be contextualised i.e. depending on the context of the business in terms of maturity, competitive landscape, point in growth cycle, acquisition strategy, baseline quality of existing leadership etc.

4. Experimentation and experiential learning – Any leader or aspiring leader who works with me will know that there is an expectation that they must put into practice what they learn, experiment, be willing to make mistakes and be humble enough to understand that this is part of their journey towards becoming the leader they want to be.

5. Measure the success – Organisations and those involved in development activities and processes must see a return on the investment. I agree upfront how success will be measured and tailor any development work accordingly.

A typical Bondgate (Scotland) Ltd. leadership development package will include the following and include highly interactive workshops, experiential learning and peer group support forums.

Hiring Top Talent

Coaching for Performance and Development

Developing People

Managing Performance

Succession Planning

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