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Leadership Potential

What do you look for when considering promoting, or hiring, high-performing individual contributors into first-line leadership roles?

For me, some of the key attributes that may suggest leadership potential (leading self and others) may include:

Self-awareness and self-reflection and evidence of changing behaviour accordingly

Resilience– learned from mistakes and is resilient after setbacks

Learning agile– eagerly learned new competencies to produce results

Courageous–took on challenges without all the answers (a balanced or calculated risk-taker)

Insightfulness– sees things from new angles

Resourcefulness – knows where to find answers or get support and successfully responded to diverse, intense, varied, and adverse assignments

Performed well under first time or different – vs. repeat – conditions

Risen to stretch challenges consistently and produced results

Selflessness – demonstrates a willingness to put others before self

What are the attributes you look for when checking for Leadership Potential?


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