Own Your Personal Development!

Updated: Mar 3

Are you the same person today as you were 2 years ago?

I'm guessing the answer is no. Otherwise, if I may be so bold, that would mean you haven’t grown, you haven’t developed, you haven’t stepped out your comfort zone, you haven’t changed.

So, how do you grow, develop, get out of your comfort zone and change?

You must own your personal development, right?

I own my personal development!

That said, I could not have developed, changed and grown without the support of others, but I own my personal development!

I’m curious to find out what other people do to take responsibility for and really own their personal development:

Do you read books?

Do you watch Ted Talks?

Do you go to see inspirational speakers give talks?

Do you seek out a mentor?

Do you, hire a coach?

How often do you do something that truly takes you out of your comfort zone and gets you feeling uncomfortable?

Do you seek out new experiences?

Do you seek out new challenges?

Do you do some of the above, all the above or something else?

What do you do to own your personal development, to grow, develop and change?