Stay Curious! A Coaching skill for People Leaders

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

As a coach, I firmly believe that remaining humble, intently focused on the coachees’ agenda and retaining a strong sense of curiosity is critically important to the success of a coaching relationship.

For me, this approach helps to create trust, openness, and a genuine intent on the part of the coach to actively listen, learn and understand without judgement.

I would suggest that many in leadership positions could benefit from following this approach as part of the day-to-day leadership of their teams. Curiosity (and humility) is something that many in leadership positions could learn to deploy better.

In practical terms what can you do to develop your “curiosity muscle”?

Take time out each day to learn something new. Read a book or article on a topic you are not familiar with.

Watch a Vlog or listen to a podcast on a subject area that is not something you would naturally be drawn to.

Have a conversation with someone you meet while travelling (focus on listening more than talking).

Have a walking meeting or coffee with different people in your team and get to know them as human beings rather than just by the job role they carry out.

In team meetings, especially as the leader, experiment by rotating the chairperson role so you can focus on listening rather than dominating the conversation.

In peer group meetings focus on active listening. Listen first to understand and not to respond!

And, what else? What do you think?